Martin X Motorsports is proud to offer a fun, easy, profitable fund raiser for your organization!

As you are probably aware, the most fun and profitable way to raise money is with a raffle.  However, the biggest drawback to holding this type of fund raising event are the upfront costs. Everything associated with this event, from the expense of purchasing the grand prize to designing, printing and paying for the raffle tickets can be financially prohibitive.

Through this special program Martin X Motorsports agrees to “lend” your organization a brand new 2015 Kodiak Coolster – DELIVERED! We know that having this unit to display will make your fund raising easier and more profitable because the unit will be TANGIBLE! It can be seen, touched and examined by everyone – whenever and wherever you chose to display it.

But our special offer doesn’t end there! Not only will Martin X Motor Sports design your raffle tickets to your specifications, WE WILL BUY THEM FOR YOU!

As an example, the Summit Park Volunteer Fire Department in Clarksburg, WV is selling 1,000 raffle tickets based on the West Virginia Daily 3. Their cost on the unit is 1490.00. This means they realize $3,510.00. Money that they can put toward much need maintenance and equipment. If that kind of money would make a difference within your organization, imagine if such a raffle were held quarterly, or even monthly!

The only thing we ask is to be reimbursed for the cost of the unit as soon as ticket sales allow or within 60 days – whichever occurs first, and agree to be responsible for the unit while it is in your care. It’s that simple!